Pvc Zipper Bag

Pvc Zipper Bag

Our main produces are PVC, EVA, TPU, PU, PP, PE and other soft products, such as zipper bags, cosmetics bags, paper bags, outdoor supplies, inflatable products bags, hand bag, digital products waterproof bag, certificate sets, fashion Gift bags, fashion shopping bags, etc.

Product Details

Pvc zipper bag


Place of Origin:     China
Processing Customization:Yes
Process:  UV Printing
Color:    Transparent
Capacity:    10(ml)
Use:     General packaging, Waterproof bag, Voltage waterproof zipper bag

If the pvc zipper bag caters to your requirement, welcome to buy the quality products made in China at big discount with our factory. As one of the leading suppliers in China, we also offer the free sample if you need.
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