Tinplate Printing Frequently Asked Questions

- Mar 14, 2017-

Adhesion determine tinplate printing is good or bad, people who practice this kind of work for a long time everyone is a master in this area. Long-term exploration and research found that in practice, used oil and printing temperature Tin itself when iron and other factors determine the adhesion.

Common Tin raw material on the market are basically tinplate, tinplate is low-carbon, principle is similar to offset printing. But the process has a unique side of Tin, to go through heat-drying and condensation. Tinplate printing of colorful colors, due to the light nature of the iron itself, so must be printed before printing on white background. Last printed on white background picture.

Wide range of tinplate is useful, apart from the ordinary, other than packaging, more time will also be used to use like cooking. So reach out during use ink which has very high requirements for adhesion. So the ink after stamping and extended. Tinplate printing is a technique, as the society much more convenient, reform of the industry will get better and better.

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