Tin And Is Now Packing

- Mar 14, 2017-

Tinplate is now the new trend in the packaging industry, fashion due to its metallic elements, material of the variety itself as a packaging increased a lot. Texture appearance, exquisite color, unique design, so more and more our tinplate packaging. Origin of Tin yuboximiya, over a long period, here is the world's main producer of tinplate. During the war, the most famous was the canned foods, we follow history remembers such packaging. Why is that?

Tinplate is also called tinplate is commonly known as the tin plating steel sheet of Tin, the English abbreviation for the SPTE, refers to commercially pure tin plating on both sides of cold rolled low carbon steel sheet or steel tape. Tin the main role to prevent corrosion and rusting. It will steel for strength and formability and corrosion resistance of Tin, Tin solder, and beautiful appearance combined with a material, is corrosion resistant, nontoxic, high strength, good ductility characteristics.

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