The Most Environmentally Friendly Packaging, Tinplate Packaging

- Mar 14, 2017-

Moon one of the most traditional food in China, Mid-Autumn Festival day consumption of moon cakes each year cannot be calculated. Not good, just remember a feeling. People in the past, every Mid-Autumn Festival, full moon, fresh bread, and to convey the thoughts and wishes of the moon. When cakes are more your home yourself, and then wait for the Mid-Autumn Festival, the family sat together, full moon, fresh bread. At that time away, you only need to take a few wrapped up, that is a great gift. But life is getting rich. Mooncakes are also changes more and more. As for the cake itself, traditional moon cakes taste is slowly being replaced by new tastes. Snowy moon cakes, chocolate cakes and so on. With the advance of the times, moon, packaging has changed.

Past paper is hard to find now, even almost plastic packaging, it is also at this stage up to the packaging. Now material wealth, get some fancy packaging to all advertisements stand out are normal, it can attract customers to help businesses sell, also givers and recipients find decent, is best of both worlds. But how to better attract guests's attention? Just had to mention the emerging new favorite packaging-the tinplate cans.

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