The Difference Between Frosted Tin And Tinplate

- Jul 04, 2017-

Recently, we SINOPAK beauty colleagues with me to put forward a very useful article topic, that is, tinplate and matte box difference, colleagues said that many customers asked this question, so want to separate this issue out.

In general, the tinplate in our mouth refers to tinned iron, also called white iron or ordinary iron, tinplate price is cheaper than the mattress iron box, the general tinplate in the printing will be coated with a layer of white in the tin, and then This guide on the white above the color of the printing, so that the color will be printed more full, bright, so many will choose the tinplate as the product of the packaging.

The texture of the iron itself is the biggest highlight of the mattress. Matte iron is also known as silver light iron, the surface of sand, generally used for non-printing of the tin box packaging, printing process is also through the iron printing, so that can show the texture of matte iron particles.
     The following is SINOPAK produced by the iron scrub iron box, it is clear that you can see the texture of iron particles, different from the usual to see the tinplate, all of a sudden like the


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