Storage Method Of Tea Science

- Mar 14, 2017-

Tibetan tea taboo:

1. avoid tea moisture content more

2. tea is strictly prohibited contact with odor

3. Prevention of Ming Wang Xiangjin in extrusion of the Opposite Sex, the tea, tea fresh-keeping and storage into three words: "warm-dry and evil cold wet, cool and evil steaming Yu Yi Qing alone and avoid xiangchou".

Hide method: with this method for preserving tea, selection of container should be dry, tight structure. Common containers are ceramic urn w Tan, rust-free iron, and so on. In addition, the need to be reminded of is that tea leaves mix should not be hidden, because tea is fermented and processed, jasmine tea is winning with flowers, and green tea are self-contained, if there are several different styles, different aroma of tea with storage, you will lose the characteristics due to infection.

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