Products Training

- Mar 10, 2018-

At 7 o’clock, on March 9, all trade department members of Dongguan Sino Packing Products Co.Ltd., have had a products training by Jioson Chiang, the leading creator of our company.

tin box Training.jpg

It is composed of seven parts, the origin and specification of tinplate, general application category of tin box, main products of our company, surface treatment of tin products, products category and process of tin containers, terms of packaging tin box and blister. 

Products Training.jpg

All attended members were focused on what Jioson have shared. Those who attended have benefitted from Jioson. 

Training of tin box.jpg

Where there is a will, there is a way. We hope our company will take a big step in the near future, meanwhile all the stuff  will achieve their personal goals.

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