How To Light Fading To Solve Food Problem?

- Mar 14, 2017-

Food faded in light of problems directly affect the value of the food or even product scrap. Why do foods will fade, light fading to solve food problem?

Answer: as the market develops, great changes in food marketing: the rise of the supermarket; self service popular; adoption of transparent packaging such as glass, plastic, the tinkling of jade full packaged food consumers in the face of greatly stimulated the consumption of food. However, in the light of the long-term exposure, food fade problems directly affect the appearance and nutritional value of food, affect product shelf life and marketing.

Coloring matter in food raw material (*), are fat soluble, such as carotenoid and chlorophyll; one is water soluble, flowery green glycosides, vitamins and so on. Carotenoids has strong resistance to heat, poor light, transparent packaging, more oxidized and faded. Vitamins are generally unstable, often caused by enzymes, metal ions, acids, alkaline, oxygen, temperature, and light failure and fade. Light prompted vitamin of decomposition, for example h duo alcohol class in pH6.8 daylight irradiation 1 hours, 85% of h duo alcohol, and 95% of h duo amine, and 99% of h duo aldehyde decomposition; folic acid pH7.0 daylight irradiation 1 hours 88% lost live; vitamin B12 by daylight irradiation 2 hours, about lost live 34%; in storage in the, except temperature zhiwai, light on vitamin c caused of loss quite serious.

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