How To Control The Quality Of Tin Box

- Jul 14, 2017-

In the process of customization of tin, the first step to buy tinplate, our company for the quality of tinplate has a strict and clear requirements, the normal purchase of tinplate orders for a 500 tons, the procurement staff personally to Baosteel manufacturers inspection, inspection qualified to use of. Printing process, according to our printing film to provide printing, printing brightness, pattern clarity, regardless of four-color printing or spot color printing, or a number of spot color printing, printing model must meet customer demand, before large quantities Printed.


Metal printing is good, transport to the factory, from the next to the production process, the production of each link is very careful to prevent hanging paint, stamping is the same, another quality inspector to see the quality, and then to the dust-free workshop packaging, quality inspection Signature of each product is qualified, can be released.


The last one is the logistics transport process, we have long-term cooperation logistics company, effective savings, control of transport time, transport companies is our long-term cooperation, so in the process of transporting tin, they know how to effectively protect the box, to prevent Broke until the goods were delivered.

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