Food Color Problem

- Mar 14, 2017-

With the appearance of new food packaging and the advancement of food science and technology, currently, food color problems are no longer problems that plague enterprises.

1. the use of opaque wrappers * component-rich foods, you should first consider the use of opaque wrappers. Such as metal cans or cans, polyethylene/paper/aluminum foil-laminated packaging (Tetra Pak).

Flowers * effect of grapes, strawberries and other fruit and vegetable juices, can be used to prevent fading paint tank; other cans of juice is often used without coating of iron. Polyethylene/paper packaging used to wrap fruit and vegetable juice beverages, but due to its poor air tightness, prone to oxidation of the fruit juice, it is difficult to save for a long time, and aluminum composite packing materials such as polyethylene/paper/aluminum foil packaging, solve the problem of ventilation, preservation of the product performance is greatly enhanced.

2. Add food color-protecting agent due to food companies on food color requires urgent, therefore, light food color-protecting agent came into being. Jianying fast color fixative-color of type a is the most widely used food additive, which can effectively prevent the carotenoids, anthocyanins, Hua Huangsu, chlorophyll and other natural * or amaranth, synthetic * food such as TARTRAZINE and sunset yellow lighting fading. Browning also decreased to food. Soft drinks, fruit juices, * 0.07% Jianying and cold drinks in the light color fixative-a, product exposure for several days in a row, without obvious fading. Pickle, mustard, pickle, boss cuisine, bamboo shoots, carrots, add 0.06% of fast color fixative-a, products under warranty color fresh, not Browning.

Food color-protecting agent for heat resistance, resistance to acid, alkali and salt, ease of use, wide range of application, usage and good effects, has been widely adopted by food companies.

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