About The New Coffee Tin Box

- Jul 01, 2017-

For many people who like to drink coffee, the quality of coffee is indispensable, the choice of coffee beans is better, for the coffee box packaging requirements are very high, we tin floor packaging is also often received some coffee manufacturers orders, the current We are also mass production of coffee tin, this coffee box shape is more special, very innovative.
Is the next figure this coffee box, is not much like the barrel of coffee beans Yes, it is to imitate the shape of the coffee bucket design. Its shape is similar to oval barrels, both ends small, middle large. The design of the pattern is also to imitate the color and pattern of the coffee bucket, a bit of wood texture pattern texture, which is also very consistent with the original color of coffee beans. This coffee box is made of Baosteel high quality tinplate raw materials, so do not worry about pollution and sealing problems.
Moreover, this coffee box with easy to pull the lid of the opening way, the coffee beans into the tank after the direct seal, do not worry about coffee beans are oxidized, but also in the outside will be covered with a plastic cover, double Layer protection.
The middle of the tin box because it is a little uplift design, take the time easy to fall, so the middle plus a pressure bar design, so easy to take. Not easy to fall off.

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