- Aug 10, 2017-

For the Chinese people, there are three very important days each year, the Spring Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival. For 2017, the Spring Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival has quietly left, the next is the Mid-Autumn Festival. Speaking of the Mid-Autumn Festival, we will think of round the moon, delicious moon cake. Recent packaging of the moon cake can be described as a wide variety, the big business inside the super, filled with a variety of different flavors of the moon cake box, a bag, iron boxed and carton loaded. So, the most popular also a few moon cake tin box packaging. Whether it is grade or safe, tin packaging is preferred1.jpg

For the purchase of moon cake is divided into two broad categories, one is bought to eat their own, this situation will buy more consumers in bulk moon cake, affordable and delicious. The other is to buy gifts, and this situation consumers will buy more gift boxes, especially iron boxed, high-end atmosphere without losing the grade.2.jpg

Plastic moon cakes and cartons loaded moon cake, after eating the packaging will be thrown away, and iron boxed moon cake, after eating moon cake can be used as a storage box, storage box to use, there are some simple loaded moon cake iron Boxes can even be used for jewelry boxes to use. In order to promote environmental protection and packaging materials recycling, the future of moon cake packaging gift box will be the main packaging.


We SINO PACKING is a ten years of tin packaging manufacturers, in the past 10 years, the annual 7-8 months, our workshop was occupied by the moon cake box. This 2 months for the workers, both busy and full, 2 months time, two shifts during the day and night, the machine 24 hours of non-stop rotation, as is the share of the commitment to customers, that the original At first.


SINO PACKING specializing in the production of various shapes and specifications of the moon cake tin box welcome to the major moon cake manufacturers to come to consult the order 0769-8100-0119

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