Will the tin box rust in the course of use

- Sep 21, 2017-

Tinplate name is the name of the box made of iron material, that many people will have such a concern since it is iron material will not rust it? First of all from the point of view of raw materials tinplate, sinopacking production of tin packaging, for example, food tin, tin and other tin cans tinplate tinplate before the printing are tin and double coated with anti-rust varnish process , Plus the protection of environmentally friendly printing ink, the normal use of the case is not rusty. Some tin customers have special requirements roasted blue printing process, has been the iron raw materials and air isolation, not rust. For the tin box surface protective layer is not destroyed, sinopacking remind consumers, to protect the tin box is not rust should pay attention to the following: 1 do not put the tin box in a humid environment; 2 do not destroy the appearance of the tin paint printing; 3 in the use of tin cans should be lightly put; 4 can not contact with corrosive solutiontin box.png

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