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- Apr 14, 2018-

kinds fo tinplate

(1) Tin plating amount

It is expressed as the weight of tin plated on a tin plate on a certain area. In general, China stipulates the amount of tin plating in grams per square metre per square meter (grams per meter2), which is expressed internationally in terms of pounds/basic box×100. 11.2 g/m2 is equivalent to 1 pound/base box, and the international tinplate quantity is #100; the common 2.8 g/m2, 5.6 g/m2 is #25, #50.

The difference between thick and thick tin plating is that the amount of tin plating on the upper and lower surfaces is different. Generally, a thick thick mark is printed on one side.

(2) Tin plated surface

According to the final treatment after electroplating tin, generally can be divided into shiny and matt surface. The matt surface is made without tin reflow after electroplating. It can also be classified according to the surface smoothness of the rolls during smoothing.

(3) Conditioning

The degree of conditioning is based on the use, which is mainly reflected in the mechanical properties of the strength and processing performance.

Tin plate surface defects

1 Surface inclusions     16 Burrs                   31 Dirty

2 Layered                     17 Folded                 32 Ribs

3 Flap                           18 Wrinkle                33 Steak Print

4 Iron Oxide                 19 Footprint             34

5 Scale Peeling            20 Embossing           35 Hot Lacquer

6 Pinhole                     21 Rolling                  36 Sticking Tin

7 Shock Mark              22 Original Oil Spot   37 Wood Grain

8 color difference        23 oil spot                 38 white edge

9 Tower                       24 Rust Spot              39 Over Reflow

10 overflow edge        25 original scratch     40 less reflow

11 Loose rolls              26 Roll wounds         41 Not reflowed

12 Collapse                 27 Edge Ribs              42 Quenching Spots

13 Margin                   28 Mid-Range            43 Burn Point

14 Side Cracks            29 Parking Spots        44 Tinned Smudges

15 serrated edge        30 flat flower              45 tin scratches

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