What is Tinplate

- Apr 12, 2018-

What is Tinplate

        Tinplate is a product made by tinning thin steel sheets. The steel plate will rust if it is not protected, and if it comes into contact with food, the iron will also dissolve out and make the food taste bad.

        The tin plate was originally manufactured according to the following idea: The steel plate provides mechanical properties such as processing properties and strength required for canning, etc., and tin provides excellent surface properties such as glossiness.

Basic structure of tinplate


The characteristics of tin plate

(1) Non-toxic, tin layer itself is harmless to the human body, and it is safe to make food packaging.

(2) The appearance is beautiful, easy to paint and print.

(3) Tin itself has good corrosion resistance and protects the substrate from corrosion.

(4) Solderability is good and it is easy to make into a container.

(5) Tin has good ductility, lubricity, and can withstand harsh processing.

(6) However, without special chemical treatment, it is easily oxidized and discolored in the air, and in particular foods, black generation occurs due to sulfur change.

(7) The tin layer is soft, and the tin plating layer will not crack or fall off.

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