What are the functions of tinplate?

- Sep 07, 2017-

There are many shapes and sizes of tinplate in daily life. They are square, rectangular, round, spherical, and shaped. These tails are widely used in food, health care products, cosmetics, medical supplies and trays. Although the shape of the box is varied, the use is also different, but they have some common characteristics, which is tinplate iron box has an objective attribute and value, the following, Jin Yu cans of the small section points for everyone to explain in detail a bit:


Tinplate solid: a lot of goods in the transport and storage, improper operation will cause the product packaging rupture, product damage, tinplate material is different from other packaging materials, relatively hard, can be a good protection of the product within the box , The appropriate addition of some interior into, even more perfect. In addition, the tinplate surface are used tin-plated, chemical stability, not rust, corrosion resistance, and secondly, tin no smell, will not affect the original product of the tin box taste, and finally tinplate tin seal is good, can be very Good isolation of the air to enter, to extend the food preservation time, which is why most of the tea are used iron box packaging reasons.


Tinplate green: the production process are physical stamping process, no harmful substances, the environment and the human body are harmless. Tinplate plasticity is good, the process of printing fine, you can freely design style and pattern, the appearance of high-end atmosphere on the grade, tinplate iron box is presented as a gift of common packaging.

tea tin box.jpg


Good brand communication function: before that wine is not afraid of deep alley, but in today's competition so inspired by the big commodity economy, the wine is also afraid of alley deep, tinplate can be printed on the enterprise information, and importantly, the general Tinplate even if the inside of the product runs out, the box will continue to be retained, can be when the crafts, collectibles, or storage box, which is equivalent to extend the product advertising time, enlarge the brand communication capabilities.

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