Tinplate printing - Four-color and spot color

- May 05, 2018-

Four-color printing

Four-color printing generally uses four basic inks of blue, red, yellow, and black, and is printed out using offset printing, which can print different pattern colors. This type of printing can be used for tin printing, and local dots will have different dots. Appears just like a TV screen.

Spot color printing

Spot color printing is generally based on the color of the color card, first adjust the ink, print a color. This color is generally based on the needs of customers, with a variety of spot colors together to form different colors of the group, because the spot color ink is not able to call up other colors, so the surface of the tin printing process is no dot, And it's relatively smooth.

The difference between four colors and spot colors is mainly divided into three aspects:

Expenses: Under normal circumstances, a four-color printing needs two offset printings, while spot color printing requires two printing, but each time two spot colors can be printed, so the printing fee for two spot colors and the cost for one four-color printing The same is true, but if you need to print four spot colors, the cost is equal to the cost of two four-color printing, resulting in increased printing costs.

Color: Four-color printing is the color of the collision, because each time the printing of ink is different, so the color of the collision and the design of the manuscript will produce a difference. The Indian iron manufacturers generally can be about 90% of the cans model, and spot color printing, is adjusted after the ink is printed, adjust the color of the ink is based on the color card, so the color difference in terms of relative four colors to be less .

Beautiful surface: Because the four-color printing is a color that is knocked out, there will be dot phenomenon on the surface of the tin can. If you need to use a magnifying glass, you can clearly see that the surface of the tin can be relatively rough, but the tin surface of the spot color printing is not The phenomenon of outlets appears to be relatively smooth and flat, with relatively good overall results and attractive appearance. While four-color printing can print a variety of color groups, and spot color printing can only print a relatively single color pattern.

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