Tinplate packaging which features?

- Mar 14, 2017-

At present, one of the most popular in the world belong to non-tinplate packaging boxes, why? because it has the three characteristics

1, excellent sealing

Packaging container for air and other VOC gas barrier properties on nutrient composition and organoleptic quality of retention is very important. Comparison of various fruit juice packaging confirmed that the container the oxygen transmission rate directly influences the juice Browning and vitamin c retention; low oxygen transmission rate of metal cans, glass bottles and foil glue laminated, paper on vitamin c retention is better, and Tinplate case best.

2, Tin reduction

Tinplate wall of Tin in the box with the residual oxygen in the container when filling, cut the timing of food ingredients to be oxidized. Reduction of Tin, pallens fruits, juice flavor and color have very good retention, so use paint iron cans of juice cans than other packaging juice jar nutrient retention is very good, Brown changed small bear flavor quality of good, the storage period extension.

3, opacity

Light outside of food deterioration of a deal will be, can also cause changes in protein and amino acids. Vitamin c by light simple make it with other food ingredients, many are missing. According to research analyst appeared transparent glass bottles of milk, vitamin c loss of 14 times higher than dark bottled milk, light will oxidize the peculiar smell of milk, as well as radionuclides, such as methyl-methionine nutrient value lost to cracking, tinplate opaque making vitamin c retention rate is the highest.

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