Tinplate cans related terms

- Jan 27, 2018-

Hinge: The part that connects the lid and bottom of the box. Hinge is divided into three types: wire hinge, window hinge, iron hinges. Among the three, the most simple window hinge, the cheapest, the most complex iron hinge, the most expensive.

Gong bottom and buckle bottom: gong bottom: the bottom of the curl outward flip, the bottom of the package body. Bottom: the bottom of the curling turn inwards, the end of the body. Tip: gong bottom and buckle at the bottom of the height can be adjusted.

Level: refers to the small steps on the lid.

Neckline: A line protruding from the can body

Carving: Divided into 2D engraving (plane engraving) and 3D engraving (three-dimensional engraving). 2D engraving and more for LOGO, text, carved convex in the same horizontal line.

Product Knowledge Extension: Accessories: PVC windows, PET windows, rivets, hand-held and more!

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