Tinplate cans packaging industry triggered by the new opportunities

- Mar 14, 2017-

Plasticizing agent after the storm to spoil not only plasticizer industry, set off a frenzy of this event from the beverage industry, also affects the cooking oil and other daily necessities for plasticizing agents may be associated with food, cooking oil and deep body.

Insiders pointed out that, Tin packaging is the best way to tackle plasticizer, without additives and can be recycled. It is reported that Japan, South Korea, the United States, Europe and other countries have long used in the cooking oils and other food cans packaging.

See in the supermarket, imported oils are basically using glass or metal containers, while the domestic edible oil is basically the use of plastic packaging. One packing the tin cans enterprises said that the main problem was the price, a 20L of edible oil drums, cans and packaging cost is 20 Yuan, and plastic only 2 to 4 Yuan. Tin packaging enterprises in China now have 90% are for export, packing the Tin 10% per cent of gross output value of China's packaging industry, mainly for food, canned food, drink, oil, chemical, medicine, stationery and cosmetics industry. Plasticizing agent after the incident, domestic sales significantly up the Tin.

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