Tinplate cans packaging applications

- Mar 14, 2017-

Tinplate cans packaging application is very extensive, from food and beverage packaging material to oil tanks, chemical tanks and other miscellaneous cans, advantages and characteristics of tinplate provide contents in physical and chemical properties are well protected.

Canned foods: Bahau railway tank packing will ensure food hygiene, to minimize the possibility of corruption, effective barrier to health hazards, but also meet the needs of modern convenience on food, fast, is the packaging of tea, coffee packaging, health care products packaging, candy wrappers, cigarette packaging, gift wrapping and other food packaging containers are preferred.

Beverage cans: Bahau cans packaging can be used to fill the fruit juices, coffee, tea and sports drinks can also fill Cola, soft drinks, beer and other beverages. Tinplate cans are highly workers can make your tank-type changes, both high and low, large, small, or square, or round, can meet the diverse needs of today's beverage packaging and consumer habits.

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