Tinplate cans acceptance standard

- May 26, 2018-

Tin plating amount 7106 tin tinning amount ≥ 90%, other tin tinning amount ≥ 70%. /

Sealing structure The overlap rate, tightness and completeness of the joint cover hook should reach more than 50%. Stacking length ≥1mm; GB /T14251

The quality of the inner wall of the container The coating on the inner wall of the container should not fall off and there should be no scratches; the hygiene of the coating meets the GB 4805-1994 "Sanitary Standard for Epoxy Phenolic Coatings on the Inner Wall of Food Cans" GB 4805

Boil test 121 °C plus distilled water boiled for 30 minutes, the inside and outside the coating film was no obvious whitening, peeling, shedding; QB/T2763

Cooking test 121 °C water cooked for 30 minutes, no obvious whitening, peeling, shedding; QB/T2763

Acid resistance test Boiled for 30 minutes in a sealed container at 121°C in a 3% acetic acid solution (or 2% citric acid solution), and the inner coating film was not noticeably whitened, peeled, or peeled off; QB/T2763

Impact resistance test Samples were rushed from a height of 1 meter from a 1 kg weight bench, immersed in a 50 g/L copper sulfate solution, and removed after 30 minutes. There was no dense corrosion point on the tested surface coating; QB/T2763

Leakage test Under a pressure of 0.1 MPa for 2 minutes without leakage;

Size deviation GB 10785-1989 "Open top metal round tank specification series", different can type deviation requirements

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