Tinplate boxes production process

- Mar 20, 2018-

  1. Iron material: generally after confirming the order, the most suitable iron material, iron material type, size, etc. will be ordered according to the layout diagram. The iron material will usually be directly stored in the printing factory. For the identification of iron material quality, the method of visual inspection can be usually used. To see if there are scratches on the surface, if the lines are even, if there are rust spots, etc., the thickness may be measured with a micrometer, and the hardness may be felt with a handkerchief.

    Iron material.jpg

  2. Printing: Films and layouts are used to arrange imposition printing for printing houses. Usually, they will provide templates for printing factories. In the printing process, they must pay attention to whether or not printing and coloring keep pace with the model. Whether there are blemishes, whether there are scars and so on. The printers that these problems are generally responsible for can be controlled by themselves.


  3. Cutting: After printing the iron material back to the factory, you can cut and cut the material according to the cutting bed. Note that in the cutting of the mattress, it is to see whether the operator cuts according to the knife edge line, whether the length is uniform and uniform. Whether the workers scratch each other when discharging the material, etc., must check the quality at the initial operation station.

  4. Stamping: The iron sheet is pressed and formed on the punching bed. This is the most important work for the jar. Usually a jar can be divided into many processes to complete. 

  5. Packaging: After the stamping is completed, the packaging department is responsible for cleaning and assembly, into plastic bags and packing. This link is a finishing work of the product, the cleaning of the product is very important, so the work should be done before the packaging clean work, and then follow the packaging method for packaging, more models of the product must be good and paragraph models to balance put. The most important thing to note in the packaging process is to reduce the number of defective products flowing into the finished product. The number of packages must be accurate.

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