Tin prices continued to rise because

- Mar 14, 2017-

Canning factory industry many enterprises to urgent appeals in recent days: in the case of Tin prices, in order to survive and to guarantee supply for the downstream industry, the metal packaging products must be appropriate to raise prices.

Metal Board recently held a number of buckets, cans, caps Enterprise Conference, under the premise of the review cost, to the principle of profit to survive, average price 10%~15% decision making products, but price increases far below the price of tinplate 48% magnitude.

A case study of the Crown CAP, competition cases in the past, some enterprises to grab the market at below cost prices. Now, after repeated studies, each Crown Cap lower prices to average 3 cents as the base, improved to 3-4 per cent, an increase of only 13.3%, and quality must be guaranteed. In addition, cold-rolled sheet for 200 l steel drums (thickness 1.0mm~1.2mm) 3200 Yuan per ton from March 2003 up to 5800 Yuan, an increase of 81% and steel industries are backbone enterprises meeting convened to discuss moderate price increases.

Cascade effect with tank costs soar

Domestic share of Tin in iron and steel production is minimal. It is understood that Baosteel's production to 400,000 tons a year, joint venture supply capacity of 800,000 tons per year. Due to strong demand in China, domestic tinplate price increases, leading foreign manufacturers to follow suit.

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