Tin cans' types

- Jan 26, 2018-

Tin from the structure of the main can be divided into a can, two cans and three cans.

1) a piece of cans: from a separate piece of iron, such as: tray, iron card, burner cover.

2) two pieces of cans: from the lid and the bottom, made of two pieces of iron stamping. Please note that this two-piece cans do not approach too high, generally not more than 40-50MM. Once the two-piece can mold has been made, its length and width can not be altered anymore.

3) three pieces of cans: cover, body, the end of three parts. The difference between the two pieces of cans, three pieces of cans although the length and width can not be changed, but the height can be modified according to the requirements of the guests, you can increase or decrease

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