Tin box production process -Three and two piece cans

- May 09, 2018-

Three piece cans Production process

 (length and width can not be changed, but the height can be modified as required)

Cover: open, crater (only cover can) - flash - winding (if in roll, but also pre-roll). (1200/H, skilled)

Bottom: blanking - stretching. (1200/H, skilled)

Body: cut corners, cut edges, bends (automatons) - button bones - forming - buckle bottom (flat, no scratches, small gaps) - winding. (850/H, skilled)

Two-piece cans production process 

(length and width can no longer be changed. Height does not exceed 40-50MM)

Cover: blanking - flashing - winding.

Bottom cover: blanking - flashing - pre-winding - winding.

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