Tin box production process

- May 07, 2018-

1. Iron cutting:

After printing the iron material back to the factory, you can cut and cut the material according to the cutting bed. Note that in the cutting of the mattress, it is to see whether the operator cuts the knife edge line, whether the length is uniform and even. Whether the workers scratch each other when discharging the material, etc., should check the quality at the initial operation station.

2. Stamping: 

Generally 5 to 6 punching machines are a canning production line. Each punching machines is responsible for a process. This is the most important task for making tin box. Usually a tin box must be divided into many processes to complete.

(1). Lid opening (stimulated if necessary)

(2). Flashing,

(3). Reel, (if in-roll, but also pre-roll)

(4). Hinging, if the can is hinged, then cover and body are each one more process: hinged

(5). Curved, (cut corners, cut edges, bends by automaton)

(6). Molding,

(7). Buckle / Loudi.

In the stamping process is usually the largest product loss, should pay attention to whether the work operation is standardized, whether the product surface scratches, whether the batch line batch sewing seam, buckle the buckle position, the usual practice is to arrange before the production of large cargo The production of large samples is confirmed, and production is performed according to confirmed large samples, which can reduce a lot of trouble.

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