Tin Box Printing CMYK

- Aug 29, 2017-

Often listen to customers, said: We do not four-color printing, we only two-color printing or color printing, the customer that there are several colors on the tin is a few color printing. The design of the tin no matter how many colors can be printed out, and here that the four colors is a printing process, referred to as four-color printing, but it is indeed superimposed by the four colors. Four is the printing is CMYK four colors of printing, C is green, M is magenta, Y is yellow, K is black, green, magenta, yellow is what we usually call the three primary colors, black is complementary color, Yellow, magenta, green three primary colors of ink and black ink to copy the color of the original color of the printing process.


Some interested customers asked if my iron box only one color: red, but also use four colors to print it, so the color is not impure? Can not only use a red ink so pure on the color. Here will mention another printing process: spot color printing. Listen to the name to know that printing is more specific. Spot color printing is a special ink to print the color.


Second, the printing color difference control, the current four-color printing, because it is 4-color synthesis, the proportion of ink deployment is not good control, different batches of printing color difference is a bit different, And the spot color printing does not need to be deployed, the relative color is easier to control; third: price, spot color printing price is slightly higher, if a color on the iron are all spot color prices on the high point, but the overall appearance Looked not the same.

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