The usage and shape of tin box

- Jan 19, 2018-

Tinplate has the characteristics: solid material, good protection, good extension and drawing, plasticity, surface treatment is exquisite, mold mass production, environmental protection, renewable ability, the overall global application gradually increased.

The overall applied to: food packaging, beverage packaging, grease, chemical packaging, spray packaging.

Beverage packaging, grease, chemical solvents, spray and other industries known as the "jug industry" and "aerosol cans".

My company used in dry goods packaging. Known as the "miscellaneous cans industry": tea packaging, coffee packaging, candy packaging, biscuit packaging, chocolate packaging, health care products packaging, tobacco and alcohol packaging, gift wrap, and so on! ! Namely: moon cakes, wine cans, tea cans, candy cans, chocolate cans, biscuits cans, cigarette cans, boutique cans, gift cans, CD cans, piggy banks, medicine cans, stationery boxes, trays, listing ice bucket.

The main shapes of tinbox  are: square, rectangle, circle, oval, heart, hexagon, octagon, wavy, egg, ball, and so on.

Main application industries: food, gifts, chemicals, electronics, stationery, toys, entertainment, clothing, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.

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