Stamping of tin box

- Mar 20, 2018-

What is stamping? The iron sheet is pressed and formed on the punching bed. This is the most important work for the tin box. Usually a jar can be divided into many processes to complete.

The general procedure for the two-piece cans covered by the world is: Lid: blanking - flashing - winding. Bottom cover: blanking - flashing - pre-winding - winding. 

Covering the bottom process (back cover) of the tank, the lid: blanking - flashing - coiling Can body: cutting material - pre-bending - shearing angle - forming - buckle bone - punching body (buckle bottom) - back cover. The bottom of the process is: cutting

If the cans are hinged, then cover and body are each one more process: hinged.

In the stamping process is usually the largest product loss, should pay attention to whether the work operation is standardized, whether the product surface scratches, whether the batch line batch sewing seam, buckle the buckle position, the usual practice is to arrange before the production of large cargo The production of large samples is confirmed, and production is performed according to confirmed large samples, which can reduce a lot of trouble.

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