Quality requirements of tin box -Three-piece cans

- Jun 07, 2018-

Class A failed

The tank is marked with oil, foreign matter, metal exposure, cold welding, leaking, holes, breakdown, flanging, double curling, large rollovers, and quick openings.

Class B failed

The inner coating and the inner coating have obvious air bubbles and browning, and the maximum dent of the can body is not more than 1cm2, and the inner coating film is not damaged, the scratches are obvious, the printing pattern is inverted, the printing color is inside, the curling is not complete, and the seal is sealed. Cracked.

Class C failed

There is a slight difference between the printing ink and the template, the printing pattern is slightly misaligned, the small scratches of the metal are not exposed, the seam overflows, the misalignment of the weld seam, the trailing edge exceeds 0.5 mm, and the surface is rusted.

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