Quality requirements of tin box -Tank wall corrosion

- Jun 08, 2018-

1. The main causes of abnormal corrosion or perforation in plain iron cans:

       A. Tinplate has low tin plating and causes severe corrosion.

       B. The low degree of passivation of tinplate produces localized corrosion;

       C. Severe damage to the tin layer and low vacuum in the tank cause concentrated corrosion;

       D. The content of acidity is too low to cause local corrosion;

       E. The content of sulfur dioxide in the content is high in acidic foods to promote iron dissolution and spot corrosion and perforation;

       F, raw material or canned water with high nitrate content produces abnormal tin removal.

2. The main causes of diffusion corrosion, sulfide corrosion, or perforation in paint cans:

       A, passivation of tinplate surface;

       B. Easy to use the lid material and coating type;

       C. Inappropriate coating iron processing;

       D. The content of sulfur dioxide in canned fruit is high;

       E. The coating film is seriously damaged during the canning process;

       F, improper seal damage the full open cover rivets;

       G, raw materials are not fresh or rinse is not clean.

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