Quality requirements of tin box - Canning materials

- Jun 01, 2018-

Inspection of cold rolled electroplated tin plate:

1. Structure composition of cold-rolled electroplated tin steel sheet:

       It consists of steel substrate, tin-iron alloy layer, tin layer, oxide film and oil film.

2. Inspection items:

       A, surface quality;

       B, sheet thickness;

       C, size, shape deviation;

       D, the amount of tin plating;

       E, surface Rockwell hardness;

       F, mechanical properties;

       G, alloy ---- Tin coupling, ferrolysis value;

       H, tin grain size;

Packaging and decorating tin (chrome) sheet steel plate print inspection:

Test items:

       A, appearance;

       B, impact strength;

       C, adhesion;

       D, ink surface hardness;

       E, overprint error;

       F, the same color difference of the same color;

       G, high temperature resistance;

       H, gloss;

        I, whiteness;

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