Quality requirements of tin box - canned food

- May 31, 2018-

The characteristics and quality requirements of tinned food canned food

1, features: good machinability, air permeability and corrosion resistance.

2. Quality requirements:

A, in accordance with the health standards:

    A, commercial aseptic: that is, after the canned is heated, it does not contain pathogenic microbes in the food, nor does it contain non pathogenic microbes that can reproduce in the base under the usual temperature.

The index of B and heavy metal content of heavy heavy metal;

     C, food additives;

B, compactness:

The tank should be able to withstand the processing and storage of canned and internal and external pressure without leakage. It is one of the necessary conditions for the long storage of canned food. Therefore, the strength of the weld and the quality of the seal must be guaranteed.

C, should be consistent with product sensory quality, net content, solid deviation and other indicators.

D, the corrosion of the tank wall:

There are slight corrosion stains on the tank walls, including pitting corrosion and mild sulphur stains, but there should be no iron sulfide that spreads corrosion and contaminate food.

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