punching machine - classify of slider drive mechanism

- Jun 22, 2018-

According to the slider drive mechanism classification:

(1) crank press

         Presses using crankshaft mechanisms are called crankshaft presses, and most mechanical presses use this mechanism. The reason for using the crankshaft mechanism most is that it is easy to make, and the position of the lower stroke of the stroke and the motion curve of the slider can be correctly determined, and it is generally applicable to various kinds of processing. Therefore, this type of stamping is suitable for punching, bending, stretching, hot forging, warm forging, cold forging and almost all other punch processing.

(2) No crank press

        No crank-type punch press, also known as eccentric gear punch. Comparing the two construction functions of the crankshaft punch and the eccentric gear press: The shaft rigidity, lubrication, appearance and maintenance of the eccentric gear punch construction are superior to the crankshaft construction, but the disadvantage is higher prices. When the stroke is longer, the eccentric gear press is more advantageous, and when the stroke of the punching special machine is short, the crank press is preferable. Therefore, the small press and the high speed punch press are also the fields of the crank press.

(3) Toggle punch

        The use of a toggle mechanism on the slider drive is called a toggle punch. This type of press has a unique slider motion curve where the slider speed near the bottom dead point becomes very slow (compared to a crank press). In addition, it is possible to correctly determine the position of the dead point below the stroke. Therefore, this type of punch press is suitable for compression processing such as embossing and finishing, and now it is most used for cold forging.

(4) Friction punch

       The use of friction drives and screw presses on track drives is called friction presses. This type of punch is most suitable for forging and crushing operations, and can also be used for bending, forming, stretching, etc., and has a versatile function because it is inexpensive and was widely used before the 1960s. Due to the inability to determine the location of the lower end of the stroke, poor machining accuracy, slow production speeds, overloading in the event of a control operation error, and the need for skilled technology in use, it has now been eliminated.

(5) Screw Press

       The use of a screw mechanism in a slider drive mechanism is referred to as a spiral punch (or screw punch) and is rarely used today. ?

(6) Rack punch

       The use of a rack and pinion mechanism on a slider drive mechanism is called a rack press. Spiral punch presses and rack presses have almost the same characteristics and their properties are the same as those of hydraulic punch presses. Previously used for pressing, oil pressing, baling, and shell extrusion of pressed bushings, chips, and other items (hot-squeezing), but it has now been replaced by a hydraulic press, unless it is extremely special Is no longer used outside of the case.

(7) Connecting rod punch

        Presses using various link mechanisms on slider drive mechanisms are called link punches. For the purpose of using the link mechanism, the drawing speed is kept within the limit during the drawing process, while shortening the cycle of the machining, and the use of reducing the speed change of the drawing processing speeds up the approaching stroke from the top dead center to the machining starting point and from The speed of the return stroke from bottom dead point to top dead center makes it a shorter cycle than crankshaft punch press to increase productivity. This type of press has been used for the deep extension of cylindrical containers since ancient times. The bed surface is narrow, but recently it has been used for the processing of automotive body panels with a wide bed top.

(8) Cam punch

       The punch machine using the cam mechanism on the slider drive mechanism is called a cam punch. This punching machine is characterized by making a proper cam shape so as to easily obtain the desired slider motion curve. However, due to the nature of the cam mechanism, it is difficult to convey a large force, so this kind of punching ability is very small. General clothing industry

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