Production of iron cans tin plating bath

- Mar 14, 2017-

Many friends are aware our company production of tinplate cans tin plating baths, and peer comparison, quality is the best. Let's take a look at it.

A main use

This product is available in steel, copper, copper oxidation, progress of anti-rust function, add copper nice and useful.

Second function

1, became tinplate cans looks light silvery-white appearance, with cupro-nickel or bright stainless steel appearance of beautiful colors.

2, progress in copper-oxide-proof color-changing feature, extended protection period, salt salt spray test up to 40 hours does not rust.

3, does not affect the function of tinplate cans of metal, does not affect the electrical conductivity.

4, making this product, tinplate cans of color appearance of the workpiece surface gray-white

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