How to make a fast drying ink?

- Mar 14, 2017-

Cans manufacturers found in tinplate printing production, ink dry is a messy chemical reaction process.

To reasonably control the ink dry speed mastering physical and chemical mechanisms in the ink dry, print jobs can be effectively carried out swiftly to ensure product quality.

Inks dry too fast will decrease the ink pass function, affecting the normal production;

Form imprinted swear falsely, pale ink, printing, roller surface rendering of the ink dry, make delivery of its ink is blocked;

Dry printing graphics and text layers outward expansion of dry dosage forms of ink absorption added, blank parts from dirty scene.

Inks dry can form printing too slow and difficult, adhesion, adhesion force, strong decline such easily scratched in the process.

So the ink dry speed to fit, too fast and too slow is not acceptable.

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