From the perspective of environmental protection tin box packaging

- Sep 02, 2017-

This year's environmental turmoil swept through China, all walks of life are subject to certain impact, especially related to manufacturing, a greater impact. July 16, the State Council sent 18 inspection units to 18 provinces, the implementation of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to implement a major decision-making arrangements for field inspections, we can see that the country has taken a heavy blow to environmental issues, always maintain high pressure situation The Environmental protection under pressure will inevitably lead to rising raw materials, according to Xiaobian know, now all over the country a lot of small and medium enterprises, has been facing the closure of business or even collapse of the situation. In the face of environmental protection pressure + raw material soaring, we Jinyu cans seem quite calm, almost did not have much impact, because we produce tinplate, green cans, environmental protection, health. Here are a few minutes to talk about the tinplate, the advantages of tin

1. Green, tinplate, tin cans are made of tin-plated low-carbon cold-rolled sheet made of tin green sheet itself green, the production process has long been mature, does not contain any harmful environment, harmful to human substances. And our raw material sources are well-known large-scale steel manufacturers, in dealing with pollution problems, has long been perfect and mature. The recent environmental inspections will not have their impact, that is, raw material prices will not produce much volatility.

2. Tinplate production process are physical way, will not produce any harmful liquid, gas, the production process of waste scraps, can be recycled, will not produce pollution of the environment, waste of resources, and tinplate surface plating Tin, as long as the tin on the dry and cool environment, not rust corrosion, solid iron box life is very long.
In summary, tinplate, tin cans is a set of environmentally friendly, healthy, beautiful, low prices, recyclable in one of the cost-effective packaging products.

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