Defects of tin box

- May 24, 2018-

Defects are classified into fatal defects, severe defects, and general defects according to their nature.

Fatal flaws: Defects that cannot be used or repaired by the next process or the customer.

Severe defects: Defects that are severe but can be partially used or repaired by rework.

General defects: Do not meet the standard specifications, can be used for concessions, but the defects must be improved.

When serious defects and major defects are tested simultaneously with the same sample, if there is a serious defect, inspection of general defects should be stopped.

When the number of unqualified tanks caused by major defects is equal to or less than the corresponding number of qualified inspections, it is judged to be acceptable; if the number of unqualified tanks is equal to or greater than the corresponding number of unqualified determinations, it is determined to be unqualified.

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