Curling defects of tinbox - Others

- May 21, 2018-


Indenter and tray distance is too large

Undercarriage pressure is too small ★

The head curling roller is too tight

Two rollers are too tight ★

Roller wheel timing is not good ★

The head roller is not smooth

Two wheels do not work smoothly ★

Indenter wear

Indenter diameter is too small

Undercarriage spring failure

Undercarriage wear

Support chassis instability

Undercarriage and indenter are not exactly parallel

Jump seal

Two crimping roller spring pressure is too small ★

Two roller roller spring failure ★

Too many overlapping seams

Rolling speed is too fast

Rubber extrusion

The head is too tight

Two are too tight

Excessive rubber, poor drying ★

Rubber does not adapt to the content ★

Fake seal

Poor lid delivery

Can lid rounded edge shape is not good ★

Curling damage

Roller roller position is too high

Roller wheel timing is not good ★

Poor cover delivery poor ★

Heading roller groove wear

Poor roller support on the top and bottom rollers

Poor support on the two rollers

Indenter wear

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