Curling defects of tinbox

- May 11, 2018-

The first channel curled loosely

1.The head roller is too loose ★  2.Heading roller groove wear  3.Can lid round edge is not good.

The head rollers are tight

1.The head roller is too tight ★  2.The head roller groove is too fine  3.Can lid round edge is not good

Higher lid

1. Roller roller position is too highIndenter and undercarriage clearance is too large ★

2. Undercarriage pressure is too small ★

3. Poor roller support on the top and bottom rollers

4. Poor support on the two rollers

5. Undercarriage spring failure

Lower height lid

1. Indenter and tray distance too small ★

2. Undercarriage pressure too much ★

Tank height varies

1. Indenter and empty tank center do not match

2. Support chassis instability

3. Undercarriage and pressure head are not completely parallel ★

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