Basic knowledge of tin biox

- Apr 11, 2018-

Raw materials: Tin-plated steel sheets with a thickness from 0.18 to 0.35 mm (which cannot be printed beyond this thickness).

Surface treatment: four colors print; spot color print; varnish, golden oil,matt,Explosive oil,etc.

Production process: 1. tinplate cutting, 2. Lid opening (exciting convex), 3. Flashing, 4. Winding, 5. Bottom cutting, 6 straightening, 7. Bending, 8. Molding, 9, Buckle The bottom / bottom.

Specific Terms: 

Hinge: The part that connects the lid and the bottom. Divided into three types: wire hinges, window hinges (PVC, PET), iron hinges (most expensive).

Loudi and buckle bottom: Loudi: bottom body.  Buckle: Bottom pack. 

Grade: Refers to a small step on the lid. 

The neckline; a line protruding from the body.

Engraving: Divided into 2D and 3D.

Cans kinds:

 two-piece cans: cover + bottom, height not exceeding 40-50MM. 

Three-piece cans: Cover + body + bottom., height can be modified as required.


Category: tea, coffee, candy, biscuits, chocolate, health products (drugs), cosmetics, tobacco, gifts, cigarettes, CD, money, stationery, trays, tags, ice buckets, sealed cans, etc.

Industry: food, chemical, electronics, toys, entertainment, clothing, medicine, etc.

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