Appearance requirements of tin box

- Apr 10, 2018-

  1. There must be no breakage, cut cans, slip cans, tongues, suspected curling, and large collapses.

  2. The flanging of the cans must not be involuted, severely deformed or cracked.

  3. The inner wall of the tank should be clean and free of inedible oil, paint or foreign material.

  4. The inner wall of the tank must not be damaged by metal leakage.

  5. Welds must not be poorly soldered, cold welded, or perforated.

  6. The inner coating and the inner coating cannot have obvious bubbles, yellowing, scratches.

  7. The dent in the can must not exceed 1 square centimeter.

  8. There should be no phenomenon that the printing pattern is reversed and the ink is printed inside.

  9. The coating at the curling edge must not be peeled or peeled off.

  10. The coating at the neck is free from wrinkles.

  11. There must be no glue spillage.

  12. Weld misalignment, trailing can not exceed 0.5mm.

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