Tin Biscuit Box

Tin Biscuit Box

Round tin custom carton fancy gift biscuit box

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Tin biscuit box



Round tin custom carton fancy gift biscuit box
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155*70mm or custom


Warm city story

On the front of the package is a portrait of a kitten, the theme of which is "warm city story." In the picture, the kitten's eyes are bright and smart, reflecting the world full of dream colors in his mind. In his eyes, he can see a colorful picture, blooming flowers, colorful lollipops, and well-prepared gifts. Piled up into a beautiful dream, colorful ball surrounded by smiling children, the flowers of each flower are fluttering with the wind, this is a magnificent season of celebration, fairy tale color fantasy elements show the full product design Creativity and agility, artistic colors infect the entire picture.

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