Chinese Tea Gift Box

Chinese Tea Gift Box

Every tea has a unique feature, In fact, each of the tea box metal packaging are expressed in their own tea culture characteristics; simple and trendy, to promote equal transactions, the traditional style of the wind, divided by regional, or mainstream creative packaging; Everyone has a refreshing feeling about tea

Product Details

Round custom antique tin cans containers chinese tea gift box

Spot color printing

This whole printing of the tea box is simple and elegant with the use of spot color printing (special black) . Tea cans of the printing process, Sinopack using custom principles, according to the customer's color requirements, design draft requirements and the number, cost and other factors, we consider, to provide you with the most professional printing recommendations, tinplate can be single-sided printing, Can also be double-sided printing. In the advanced CTP plate printing on the choice of four-color printing or spot color printing.


Painted oil inside

Food-grade oils, more secure, reliable, and can protect the tin box from corrosion and oxidation of moisture in the air, tin box does not rust in long term. Yellow essential oil make the tin more high-end.




Round custom antique tin cans containers chinese tea gift box
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